[2][25]Brown won a Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award in 1992

Fellow cast member Marshall Brodien, who played Wizzo the Magician on the show, teamed up with Brown in 1973 for an act they brought to the Kane County and DuPage County fairs each summer for twenty one years. Brodien also retired from the program in 1994.[23]The tradition on Bozo’s Circus from its start was that at the end of the program, Bozo would lead the audience out of the television studio in a Grand March, complete with baton and music. In 1987, a viewer petition gathered 10,000 names for Brown’s Cooky character to lead the Grand March, and Brown was given the honors for a day.[24] Although Brown’s Cooky outlasted Bob Bell’s 24 years as Bozo by a year, Cooky’s appearances during his final year were from previous shows due to health problems.[2][25]Brown won a Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award in 1992.[26] He was elected into the International Clown Hall of Fame the next year; it was not until three years later that his colleague, Bob Bell, joined him.[24][27][28] Roy also became a member of the Chicago chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Silver Circle in 1993.[29] His health forced Brown to retire in 1994.[22][30] Upon his retirement, he donated some of his costumes and clown related material to the International Clown Hall of Fame.[31] Brown was able to be a part of the 35th anniversary Bozo’s Circus program in 1996 and also to take part in “An Evening With Roy Brown”, presented by the Museum of Broadcast Communications.[28] Brown made his final appearance on the show on 26 August 2000.[32] He died in 2001 of congestive heart failure.[25][33] He was survived by his second wife canada goose, Mary Lu, four sons, three stepsons, and three step grandchildren.

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