[24] Unlike earlier attempts, the convention was not meant for

On February 21, 1787, the Confederation Congress called a convention of state delegates at Philadelphia to propose a plan of government.[24] Unlike earlier attempts, the convention was not meant for new laws or piecemeal alterations, but for the “sole and express purpose of revising the “. The convention was not limited to commerce; rather, it was intended to “render the federal constitution adequate to the exigencies of government and the preservation of the Union.” The proposal might take effect when approved by Congress and the states.[25]On the appointed day, May 14, 1787, only the Virginia and Pennsylvania delegations were present, and so the convention’s opening meeting was postponed for lack of a quorum.[26] A quorum of seven states met and deliberations began on May 25. Eventually twelve states were represented; 74 delegates were named, 55 attended and 39 signed.[27] The delegates were generally convinced that an effective central government with a wide range of enforceable powers must replace the weaker Congress established by the.

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