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The buyer is responsible for both return and initial shipping. If there are no errors in the listing, I must charge a 20 PERCENT RESTOCKING FEE. I don’t do this to be mean, I do it because too many people ignore the actual measurements (which I take the time to list with each and every item)and tagged sizes can vary by both manufacturer and country.

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canada goose jackets Flappers were caricatured in Felix Strikes It Rich (1923). He also became involved in union organizing with Felix Revolts (also 1923). In some shorts, Felix even performed a rendition of the Charleston.. 49 watchingCamping and Hiking EquipmentEquipment and gear enable people to safely enjoy all kinds of outdoor environments for extended periods of time. Requirements for camping and hiking gear range from merely needing to provide comfort to ensuring survival for outdoor enthusiasts of varying skill levels. Whether for camping or hiking, all equipment should hold up to rugged outdoor use.. canada goose jackets

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cheap canada goose Only the very young leaves emerging in the spring are consumable. (blend in smoothies etc) Don’t eat the big leaves the root and seeds are the parts you want. You can make tea or powder with them. Let’s start from the ground up meaning the floors and furniture. Warm up your bare floors with a hand hooked rug or a colorful braided rug. Are you looking to upgrade a piece of outdated furniture? Browse eBay’s selection of upholstery supplies including decorative nailhead trim, foam and tack strip to give that old chair a brand new look cheap canada goose.