That’s a lot of iPhones that need to be upgraded

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iphone 7 case Apple has a tremendous opportunity ahead, even with all of this good news cheap iphone cases, as CIRP estimates 86 million iPhones that are currently in the 6s or earlier crowd, meaning they will be two years or older this September (two years from launch date not necessarily each individual phone will be that old). That’s a lot of iPhones that need to be upgraded, and this data is only looking at the US. Imagine the worldwide potential that is there cheap iphone cases, especially with larger screens in focus and Apple rumored to be launching a high end device that would have the largest screen in iPhone history at 5.8 inches.. iphone 7 case

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iPhone Cases In response to public attention in March, 2001, the CalEPA asked the University of California, Berkeley to name a panel of blue ribbon experts to form the Chromate Toxicity Review Committee. The OEHHA which was established in 1991 with the creation of Cal/EPA OEHHA used to be located across from the University of California, Berkeley and had maintained academic ties with this institution.[18] A public meeting was held on July 25, 2001 to get “public input on the review of scientific questions regarding the potential of chromium 6+ to cause cancer when ingested.”[19] The panel was selected by Jerold A. Last with Dennis Paustenbach as Vice President and included Mark Schrenker, Silvio De Flora and John Froines as panelists.[20] Paustenbach, De Flora and Froines resigned from the committee and were replaced.[21][22]. iPhone Cases

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